24 series of dessert cards
The card series gives little happiness to everyday life with a sweet dessert day that is held only twice a month.

JAN. 19th National Popcorn Day
JAN. 23rd National Pie Day

FEB. 5th Nutella Day
FEB. 19th National Chocolate Mint Day

MAR. 5th Pancake Day
MAR. 25th Waffle Day

APR. 6th National Caramel Popcorn Day
APR. 26th National Pretzel Day

MAY. 15th National Chocolate Chip Day
MAY. 31st National Macroon Day

JUN. 1st National Donut Day
JUN. 20th National Icecream Soda Day

JUL. 7th World Chocolate Day
JUL. 10th National Lollipop Day

AUG. 3rd National Watermelon Day
AUG. 30th Toasted Marshmallow Day

SEP. 12th Chocolate Milkshake Day
SEP. 29th National Coffee Day

OCT. 10th National Angel Food Cake Day
OCT. 30th National Candycorn Day

NOV. 4th National Candy Day
NOV. 25th National Parfait Day

DEC. 8th National Brownie Day
DEC. 27th National Fruitcake Day