24 series of Cocktail Cards (2023)

The card series gives little happiness to everyday life with a sweet alcohol drink day that is held only twice a month.

JAN. 1st Blood Mary Day
JAN. 11th Hot Toddy Day
JAN. 25th Irish Coffee Day
JAN. 31st Brandy Alexander Day

FEB. 1st Sat. Pisco Sour Day
FEB. 22nd Margarita Day

MAR. 5th Absinthe Day

MAY. 7th Cosmopolitan Day
MAY. 13th Cocktail Day
MAY. 16th Mimosa Day
MAY. 30th Mint Julep Day

JUN. 1st Mon. Negroni Day
JUN. 19th Martini Day

JUL. 10th Pina Colada Day
JUL. 11th Mojito Day
JUL. 19th Daiquiri Day

AUG. 1st Fri. Beer Day
AUG. 25th Whiskey Sour Day

SEP. 6th Porn Star Martini Day
SEP. 20th Rum Punch Day

OCT. 19th Gin&Tonic Day

NOV. 1st Old Fashioned Week
NOV. 8th Harvey Wallbanger Day

DEC. 14th Screwdriver Day