Bride to Be (2023)

This project, 'Bride To Be', criticizes and satirizes misogyny hidden in the marriage custom in Korea. In the tradition that was inherited like a habit, we can find the surviving patriarchy.

Although many cultures attempt to change, the 'handover' culture still exists, clearly showing women's objectification in the wedding ceremony. Sam-jong-ji-do in the Eastern or Handover in Western culture represents women living a life subordinate to someone, rather than an independent life. In the wedding aisle, the bride is 'passed' from her father's hand to the groom's hand. She then begins a new life from someone's daughter to someone's wife.

My work explores this situation. Play with this toy capsule machine and manipulate the brides yourself. With helplessly falling bridal capsules and non-refundable receipts, you can see how much women are objectified at weddings.